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The Quad Cities' real estate market is one of the best kept secrets in the country for real estate investors; with good reason too. Our company is locally owned and operated, so we have an intimate knowledge of the region and it's potential. With nearly 500,000 citizens, 200,000 housing units and plenty of room to grow, the Quad Cities' potential speaks for itself. 25% of these homes are rentals and nearly 8% are vacant. This is the perfect environment for positive cash flow with rent often exceeding the price of a mortgage! The higher than average ROI in the Quad Cities and our passion for providing quality homes has driven our company to become one of the best in the Midwest. For the same reason, we are confident when we say, "Passive Income Starts Here." Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the area, or click any of the links below for more information!

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No Routine Maintenance

For the first 60 days. Should something go wrong, we’ve got you covered. Guaranteed.

We'll Pay the Rent

If your property were to fall vacant for more than 90 days, we pay the rent. Guaranteed.

No Leasing Fees

If your property falls vacant at any point during the first 9 months, leasing is free. Guarunteed.


Our average cash on cash return is 12%. We make it a point to under promise and over deliver. We have had properties over return over 20% and every day we strive to raise this metric.

We pay commission when you refer a colleague that chooses to invest with us!

If you choose to have us lease, the fee is 75% percent of the monthly rent price.

The management fee is 9% of the monthly rent.

We have been providing industry leading turn-key properties for 13 years now!

We currently manage 752 properties. We buy & rehab about 30 per month.

No, we take great pride in making sure that the investor, lenders and tenants are all on the same page.

Our rent is above market average which helps to attract higher quality tenants.

95.6% We base occupancy rate based on on-time rent collection. Even if the property is occupied, it really isn’t doing the owner any good if they are not paying their rent. As a data driven company, the most important metric we focus on is ROI. The more efficient we are, the higher your return, therefore our goal is to be at 100% occupancy rate.

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